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Philippine health officials started performing autopsies on children who died after receiving the vaccine. "In total, the deaths of about 600 children who received Dengvaxia are under investigation by the Public Attorney's Office, " the South China Morning Post reported last month.

A young girl, about age 9 or 10, sat on a chair surrounded by health officials. She wore a bright yellow T-shirt with the words "Dengue is dangerous" across it. She squeezed her eyes and bit her lip as the health secretary of the Philippines, Dr. Janette Garin, gave her a shot in the arm.

That shot launched a massive vaccine campaign to inoculate nearly 1 million schoolchildren with Dengvaxia. The goal was to save thousands of kids' lives and prevent an estimated 10,000 hospitalizations over a five-year period.

But in the end, estimates are that more than 100,000 Philippine children received a vaccine that health officials say increased their risk of a severe and sometimes deadly condition. In addition, other children who received the vaccine may have been endangered because, their parents alleged, they were not in good health.

Vaccination is based on the idea that to prevent or lessen illness you rub or inject filth into an open wound and add some "adjuvants" a cocktail of additional poisons and toxins to deliberately generate inflammation and auto-immune reactions. This is completely insane.

Medical historians say they used to believe disease was caused by demons so injecting filth into yourself forced the demons out thru convulsions and purges. Today they mutter incantation words like antibodies to explain the magic.

I listened to Dr. Morris on NPR National Public Radio in 1976. He said no flu vaccine can prevent you from catching the flu but it can give it to you. He said when tested at an Army base it gave the flu to 1 in 3 soldiers so its infection rate was 33%.

A "killed virus" means the virus material was taken from a putrefied corpse.

A "living virus" is taken from a living animal like fetal bovine serum or fertile chicken eggs.

Viruses don't replicate they break down into smaller particles from the animal cells. Flu virus "mutates" right in the vials because the antigen particles react with the chemicals and bacteria in the vial.

"For propagation of influenza virus, eggs are used 11-12 days after fertilization. The egg is placed in front of a light source to locate a non-veined area of the allantoic cavity just below the air sac. This is marked with a pencil. After all the eggs have been ‘candled’ in this way, a small nick is made in the shell at this position using a jeweler’s scribe. Next, a hole is drilled at the top of the egg with a Dremel motorized tool. If this is not done, when virus is injected, the pressure in the air sac will simply force out the inoculum.

"After all the eggs have been nicked and drilled, they are inoculated with virus using a tuberculin syringe – a 1 ml syringe fitted with a 1/2 inch, 27 gauge needle. The needle passes through the hole in the shell, through the chorioallantoic membrane, and the virus is placed in the allantoic cavity, which is filled with allantoic fluid. The two holes in the shell are sealed with melted paraffin, and the eggs are placed at 37 degrees C for 48 hours.

Once they pierce the shell, bacteria in the air enters the egg. During harvesting of the virus even more bacteria is added. This is why to slow bacterial growth they have to add antibiotics like penicillin or mercury to the vial. ... ection-rfc

The CDC website states what has become commonly accepted and widely reported in the lay and scientific press: annually "about 36,000 Americans die from flu" and "influenza/pneumonia" is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

But why are flu and pneumonia bundled together?

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