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Post by aeon » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:06 pm

Select Covis-19 - Event Outcome -Vaccine Name- Serious -Click Find
Leave rest of the fields blank.

Multiply by 100 times because Vaers only gets 1% of reports.

Covid-19 Vaccines will not prevent serious cases or death or infections or stop transmission.
You are enrolled in 2 year phase IV trial to see how bad the effects are.

What most people do not understand is that all vaccines cause blood poisoning by design. There are cells and/or cell parts DNA-RNA from animals and humans in these shots. That foreign material gives you zoonotic diseases. There are chemical poisons added to bacterial toxins. If you get an antibody reaction it will not protect you. These cause autoimmune diseases, polio, and encephalitis...

Jabs take effect immediately. Antibodies form in 12-48 hours not 2 weeks. Antibodies are not even necessary to prevent disease.
You have 6 other systems and not just T and B cells.

Viruses have never been proven to exist. All those colored spiked proteins are artists conceptions not pathogenic viruses.

No vaccine contains weakened - killed virus or virons nor does any test measure these imaginary pathogens.

Having any disease naturally or by injection never confers immunity. Having a few memory cells is irrelevant. Herd immunity is a myth.

Colds and Flu are the same thing and not diseases but symptoms of body expelling chemical irritants and mucus. Bacterial infections are real which is why penicillin always cured my influenza in 3-4 days. ... cine-dead/

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